Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15th October

New logo of university of silicon andhra

Had the comfort of Scooter ride to park; No news papers printed for the day a surprise ??? Spent in analysing yesterdays developments at park; wished some one; dog dance for biscuits seen;after coming home edited yesterdays blog further; drawn cash from ATM;No change in alexa ranks they have further gone down;

Activations began later; Ajay came asked money for OIL; Purchased Insulin needles;Prakash  very late; Met suresh and Kiran and Kishore; Gave laptop for loading softwares; Paid Electric bill; Ordered Water boy  brought to home; Called Prakash; At sadgun loaded write up for machinery Spares;

Placed mirror for office later purchasesd BED; TOOK BACK LAPTOP;
Decided to buy leg pads;Later Ajay met settled his dues;


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