Monday, October 14, 2013

14th monday; Dasara day holiday

my laptop
new laptop purchased
Cool monday; skipped survey work; Took long walk to park and walked back as Scooter missbehaved; ET says twitter engineers are paid heavy salaries;
Seen inguration Aircostal  airliner launch;

Bad luck kalyanjewellers gone out of hand due to that mistake to be very careful for future ones;Whats the power in my hands thats important now; With GTA decided to buy laptop finally quickly trasfered cash and withdrawn; later purchased it had printer and bag mouse offer;
Prakash cheque cleared; Chinnas call and had chat with mama;paid land ph dues;Adsense revenues have gone down; Had long discussions at home; nest day planned;

Ashirvad agencies and Bright steels submitted to Google maps with new email id; Ajay called and said about that feed back; Alexa ranks have further gone down reason is un unknown;
call recd from Digital vidya;
Night TV progammes enjoyed;

Days tasks are;'
do g submition work for 2 entries;:OK done
scooter repair;>>>NO
reduce pls>>>OK
cont to get prints;
spend time in org prints; Ok
But insulin;Pay land bill>>>yes;
Pay electric bill;
buy Bottle  and Tomato pickle pls;
Cheques will pass?then settlements;OK;

13th sunday

Surprisingly  arial survey work continued even on sunday too collected another 30; Ajay called and kamalakars  missed calls seen; sucess story at Rx but after 3 straight failures so  small amounts had to be invested ; Confidence  regained as i can catch winners at good odds; Jermiah missed again due to confusion by Golimaster;

 Festival hungama at out side seen;missed dasara tweet surprisingly; night onion to home;Dosage crossed anyway; seen movies on TV; night puncyutr walas mobility of boys seen;


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