Sunday, October 06, 2013

7th october Monday;planning and happenings;

Lot of sounds and disturbance overnite due to "jagaran"
yet managed to take rest sleep disturbed many times and toilet visits contd; Morning after getting up managed to write  names of  40 new  shops  at maket;later managed to work with Ajay; 1 entry closed 1 more positive had ; Apple purchased the only un expected move; gta dint give coffee;

To see what happens next; seen prints on hand for some time at office; Seen maandhavi P S chauhan for the day; Purchased tooth paste;razor;scanned eenadu;ET; Gta managed to get gas and paid for it;
Objection Of narsing about glass? Free note books from market;

Good reception had from market; Visited Lotus also; took pin;
Cheque got passed msg recd;
Rhinos poaching article read yahoo;
>>> Threat of power cut what to do in future??
Called Prakash; had to tell to ajy about recent happenings;
Felt huge weight during work;
Met rangoon;Lotus;

kol rx again loss; place bet pls;
retrieved prints;work; no field work;

***Cont work for 8 th day in collecting addresses and also retrive prints 50;
***That 5 k closing please;1 hour individual work pls;
1hour org prints on hand;
sit in office;for some time;
>>>decide for eenadu ads for 3 days;

will prk work? ajays contributions for the day;;
Left over cash levels on hand;

Telma -H

5th Saturday 6th sunday

First majot disaster at RX due to c alford (Gtas irritation too triggered)oppenent same jockey current distance above 40 days win; In Rx left over with first time favrites leaving fillies; Need money to recover; I must close 5 k one deal at least in october;after reading ET Investors chance analysed;Ex Twitter;

Days work gone; Ajays result also unknown;

Sunday; 6th;
Morning  R*D did on current Rx season my pics analysed; seperate note book kept for RX;Seen google map prints;open class after 2 wins to be very careful; 3 successful pics failed due to no uniformal betting;
Again analysed current situation on hand;


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