Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17th sept;

1.large energies spent on transfering luggage 2 office room;
2.Called Satish;
3.Called CS:
4.Gave Scooter for repair;
5.ajay paid land bill;
6.prakash took me to ranigunj;

7.Thanks to Sam; he paid  4k; thanks for ajays followup;
8.objection from SKD;wheres his card;??
Few more things loaded to office;
9.Gtas help noted for new office;
10.kamal has called up;RIM recharge did;
;Work did at ranigunj contd;>>>> take help to retrieve;
flash idea convert
11.morning prakash call that girl; seen;
12;Some new lady as us miss queen; eenadu;
13;managed  2 buy ET;
14;Called Kiran

Cheng has called up;
Managed to but drink;


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