Thursday, August 29, 2013

28th wed day;

feft boredom at morning at lodge; some twitter id call recd; met Ramoji; took train by evening to hyderabad; boredom during the travel many pending things; met venkatesh;
cell numbers;
thulasamma 8297798138
venkatesh tpt 9700302448
kishtanna kdp; 9440217193

21st august to 27th august marriage trip successful

21st aug;

Project report work inititaed;New point again rx kolkata;(Chalaki)Cheque got cleared;Work with NRN did;Subbarao and agandhi called up;Twitter;
Mallya;wikileaks;chetan bhagat;

22nd aug;
Pints  of Ajay took from sadgun;Settled all acccounts of ajay;
23rd aug;
Travel  by sleeper reached safe tp proddatur lost temper at one guy all other have been activated by cell phone;Met bala pullaiah; Discussed old life with buju etc;Mukkalu at pullaiah;
24th aug
 By aito to rajampet;potladurti seen; attended reception later menamama sangyam by night;
25 th sunday;
attended marriage met anna; afternoon packed up to kadapa with bijji sent gta by bus nigfht;
26th monday;had a long chat at krishan home;after sit up left to rajam pet; discussion at home atr night slept there;
By sumo to tpt costly fare;Kamala met;later ramoji met bu night syam met; met Jana and paid him domain renewal; around 35 contacts renewed during the trip; thanks syam arranged tickets;


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