Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20th aug;Tuesday

Large(team or investment) is days code word;Good thing of the day is clarity of current situation on hand ;pending Cheque not cleared yet thats the panic for the day; 1 hour  at sadgun good number of prints took; sent 3 cheques for clarance at morning unable to walk to bank is big concern;loaded ajay entries from home ; no field work;seen some companies listings at google;jana met on chat and long chat had on launching a e com web site;Syam sent sms; seen alexa ranks again surprising many things are changing;; Read an article about jd on some mag;

Ultimatum given to opp guy for horn is move right;met galli guys and seeked their support; Bus tickets to proddatur reserved;Morning long time was unable to sleep on cot;Gtas office number got;
Anyway after long time managed to reduce;Called NRN;

Called maayin took his name;

Power Tool Dealers Seco Enterprises ranigunj secunderabad

Seco Enterprises
Power Tool Dealers
Shop No 5-5-156/1, Lala Temple, Opp To Lala Temple, Ranigunj-Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003 |
(040) 66459806

(040) 27711689
Email seco_ent@yahoo.co.in
Quaid Johar H.K.
99496 11052

20th aug;

Hmm what can be done?
Cheques drop and Tikcet booking are 2 major things;
major task retrieve 10 entries and take prints;
ajay postings and settlements;
call NRN;
how things went up?
get peper;coffee powder;give money to gta;
shaving and coffee hour;

19th aug

Paid land bill;called NRN and baig;2 re shufflings at SROs seen;One reference had;Because of overnite disturbance unable to concentrate on field work; Met aluminium guy and new rexine guy;Nervous problem seen; Posted aug 15th vedeos and took some Xerox prints;
Evening ajay came with 3 success stories gandhi also met;Took some pictures of Gaana sabha;attended teja birth day;Decided to attand Thulasamma daughters marriage;

Small new excersise for the day;
large is code word;

Me with  all life experience  knowledge marketing skills camerain hand  and gta support and team on hand  g+ maps  vedeo G listings  utilyse first strategy is to use  color prints advantage  then  accelerate income with team and expansion plans;next shift is  k followers marketing; Rx huge investments again ;NRNs hope;
 Next is sms power;improve presentation and dress skills;relaunch vetuku;pen media;adwords;press ads;color leaflets; web developers tie ups;improve skills; try for funding pls so project report;

JD, Kiran  data   adsense income must improve but how  ;Begin adwords quickly for Social Media ;have Tie up with other web developers for Social Media; 
Rx large investments again here;

Kiran and Kishore on other hands;Gandhi;Chalapathi nad    kamal;  try to merge family power ;


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