Saturday, August 10, 2013

10th Aug;

After getting up i dont know as what happend yesterday itching beagn so i was forcefully waited for time till Gta got up some how managed iching;

See how things change in a quite un manageble way?
At morning Big unexpected work of the day is watched top twitter followers and followed major companies (here);manchu manoj staggering followers known plus few others; tweets>>>Can marry best friend for long standing; chennai ranking further gone down despite good followers for the day  It took big time for this;

>>>Quickly managed insulin dose ;big list of home needs managed few ;paper scan posted  yesterdays blog (shaving Tiffen and Bath;) Poor quality of Rajni; Narsing tried to poke through;
Time is still running out quickly; managed to drop cheque 4 collection; Ajay came home sent him to field;

look at this what happend later;

Hmmm...Chalapathi called this time; ramesh also joined us at HRC;purchased swathi on the way;Ols man and auto fare; took Tel Vel to HRC this time;

yes; at pune; rx;
>>.some times perfect strategy works; yes; and Roswald win  at 15 to 1 ohh;and place at 3 to 1; this is  a new story;this was best chance at hand for the day;missed it anyway;but gave chance; A new point again;
this is new point again;

>>.if on a hattrick; dreamliner;at 12/1 too a best chance on hand  missed; but managed to get it backed by chalapthi sir on place; lost temper here throuwn all books and collected them again quickly;

>>.forget backing 3 old in class one?? sandesh failed; jockey won on mount earliar a point;
>>.ishpingo story last run 12/12 has emerged;sandesh lost here on a favrite;

>>>sandesh won on An Aquired taste with 9 l win;what has happend to its earliar run;?

7th race; Fountain blue won here;at 8/1;sandesh lost here;who is sitting on track work has confirmed it;

8th zervan won here; Sandesh lost;

which  rider can do what??

9th friday;

After loading  pending photos vedeos and other pending things at sadgun cafe came home prepared for Rx called Chalapathis then headed tto HRC;Met  ppl of Mahabubnagar while auto travel and known their comments on current political situataion; Chalapathi sir came late on to sean by then one good thing missed at good odds; This could have been avoided with proper planning; nageshwar rao met later known his set backs; problem had throught the day at course due to Nobook on hand; few more new things exposed; Gandhi call recd; ajay totally disappeared for the day? activated Ashoka entry; Took ET from ashok nagar vendor; Had to exit after party at Blue fox their other rreatail outlets also known and cost dynamics there arates etc got exposed;
Cashew nuts and chutney tasted;Jokes power known;

At Satti card rush  seen; chota pullaiah called up; cash level depletion  continued; Seen Tulip again;

Finally google standing work began;


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