Thursday, August 08, 2013

8th aug thurday

bawa came; read Et and Eenadu seen Rx; Omg stomach pain followed by slow net;kajals threat; Chalapathis availability known ; Pressing guy brought clothes;Again failure at Rx; good combination with good Rdr engagement works; draw adavantage also to take care abt; Small work with Ajay fetched again; met gandhi at gana sabha;

For Friday:

>>Get bulbs;
plan to wash the hands of huge followers base;
friday RX book
Rx at 4.30;
Org data on hand;
Scooter; repair work;
Chalapathis availability;

7th aug

No field work again; But had meet up with Subhakankshalu guys;Evening call from Bawa recd;news of k by ajay; Purchased BP tablets;Night gadbad near home and my involvement;managed rice & water purchase;Managed to buy Rx book; One customer called & said they recd ggl letter;Some thing new again at ET regarding twitter;

Depression due to pain in stomack;


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