Tuesday, August 06, 2013

6-8-2013 tuesday

Morning added followed ppl at twitter;mailed to kawadiguda girl;Morning total collapse due over daosage recovered at afternoon;New problem is scooter tyre puncture had to spend rs 85/- for autos;; managed to work from sadgun RIm recarge but whats really happening?;loaded one pending entry;Me and ajay have not worked; Satish and kamal have called;  called amrin seen their web site; yuvaatneerus blockd;

Call from subha;gta brought salary gave dinner party;Total freedom after long time no work;
mnaged bcomplex tablets;
purchased tollywood seen their improvement;
lekhari.com pen writing practice did; chocolate to girl;Read ET;

6th aug 2013 post

Some kind of beathing problem at morning?

Heavy uneasy from morning to get up;even he too died DLO from nellore thax to Zamyinryot.;Mailed to pushp traders  girl; called diti jewellery latwer seen their web site looks like too big company;Unable to go to field due to sickness; Ajay called and told abt 2 pm?; Scooter collapse was unexpected;purchased tollywood mag scanned it later ; scanned ET too; Call from subhakankshalu now new responsibilty of tommorow 11.30 am; kamals call recd;
recharge did for RIM but doubt? on their charges;ok;

;loaded pics of metro on request from sadgun;


new content;
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5th aug

Work skipped due to chalapathis sir visit; Bundh day again crossed limits and skipped even dinner; Ajays settlements did; Called satish; few more ids into fold;@ cheques got passed;Met Gogia pubhishers;NRN called;To owners house;


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