Sunday, August 04, 2013

4th august

Did Bonalu tweet; followers are ok; posted pending blogs at morning of 2 days; scanned 2 dailies;plus 2 and read of WOW hyd; computer problem; Un decided abt Rx; Shifted most of the files from desktop; saved few more entries of JD; read 4 magazines which brought today from Abids; Syam called on friendship day; Night Channa called; Purchased 2 more camera batteries; Submitted Shades to google; Seen few more who are already listed; Night spent more time in listening to Bonalu songs; Read melisa article on ET; 3 more new ids into fold;
Bonalu festival dressess of neibours and Children seen; Kink building article read finally;

2nd 3rd

2nd july;Work with  Ajay at ranigunj had positives no closings;Gta edited spell checks at leaflet;paid net bill with debit card;Submitted Md ally; i must improve writing skills; bad comments at home at night;

3 rd july: Read raktha tilakam;seen the week;telugu velugu; work with ajay at ranigunj closed one later activated it loaded vedeo from sadgun; again dosage crossed; sudden stomack problem at sec bad; Computer problem began;


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