Friday, July 26, 2013

sat 27th july post

***Team pls ( office)+ need money  4 ads: Begin NT ads &; adwords;
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Try big ads from now daily 2 minimum; 
**Funding pls edit project report further VC at hyd; 
need one daily  orMag Tie up; 

>> head ache with ka followers what has happend i dont really know but did lot of R& D and strategy evolved;purchased ET and sundays Rx card; Contributed to his Byke Oil;Worked with Ajay at ispat building did alomsot 15 calls met gave proposals to some; Closed 1 entry; had few more positives took some pictures ;Got tired;at 5.30 theres one rx choice;Gave milk to Kitten;
You need to have disposable money to make money in Rx again time wasted but one more strong point gained;


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