Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 th july

Try big ads from now daily 2 minium; 
Slowly consolidate data on hand and further collect daily;
Team needded badly money need  4 ads: Begin NT ads & adwords;
**Funding pls edit project report further; 
need one daily paper or Mag Tie up; 

Drop cheques;
1.>>>work;12-1 pm that complex; give black 7 white;

2.>>Rx investment plans?? at 2 pm Kolkata;3 pm; be ready to loose;

Idea is fast emerging of 5 k calls;
  1. ---------------------------------
Morning loaded 2 entries with vedeo labled ranigunj entries collected lot of verified entries this is the only good work for the day; vidyas twitters id hold gained again;sent cheques 4 collection; paid narsing;lost interest after rx collapase new point is rider must sit on tracks so day is gone so crossed indulgence limits again; Importance of learning word known;


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