Monday, July 22, 2013

tuesday 23 july

Team need money 4 ads:
Funding pls edit project report further; 
Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did;
need one daily paper Tie up or big; Consolidate data on hand;

Pay net bill,daaram;
Tom rx book;
cheques clearance;
my calls  big calls;

Morning arranged Onions still costly;edited entries on hand; Met prasad he agve tip of realtors directory; Joined work with Ajay; sent book to daaram;around 10 plus calls did failed in pricing gave color leaflets;PPl say after ramzan;Color leaflets distributed on field work;Gandhi failed again;

Paid net and land bill;Seriously discussed things with Ajay and had his commitment; Purchased insulin tablets needles etc;
Situation turned after buying Rx book; Failed to buy ET; Felt sleepy after posting days 2 entries so slept off; different story from GTA;


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