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Cutting Tool Dealers Ever Green Machinery & Tools Store secunderabad

Ever Green Machinery & Tools Store secunderabad

  • Ever Green Machinery & Tools Store

  • Address: 5-1-454, Ranigunj, Ranigunj, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500003
    Phone:040 2771 2229
  • Digital Multimeter Dealers Mohammed Ali & Sons secunderabad

    Mohammed Ali & Sons
    Shop No 5-1-373/14, Near Ap Tourisim Work Shop, Old Ghassmandi Road, 
    Ranigunj-Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500003 | 
    (040) 49645143 contact Person A.Murtuza

    Granite Cutting Tool Dealers Gulamali M & Sons ranigunj secunderabad

    22nd monday

    Surprise result after calling Gta;At 5 pm Prasad VJA called hes in chanda nagar; No sign of rains stopping;

    Coverage of DRR did participated in Pooja  thanks to eenadu for info bouncers duty seen speech heard and pics took thanks to Camera crackers; 

    1.despite rain carnage managed nkm;reddy;next florist
    2.water works pro 3.tanmayee.4.another.5.electronic.6.Mithai shop7.realtors. lot of ppl in pics8.prasads call.9.seen alexa and twitter followers base etc;10.daaram call;11.baig.12.seenaih;13.kishore;14.ibibo;15.edited DW data again; more id into fold;17.jd data18.called NRN; turn at sky cabs;20.ajay 21.mailed jasdeep;reply recd;

    ibibo deal?need to be watched;

    Team need money 4 ads:
    Funding pls edit project report further; 
    Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did;
    need one daily paper Tie up or big;

    my field calls are  a must! seating world;Nkm grand; nmdc;
    ***see once again ads on hand;

    send kamal courier;
    pay net bill;Call Gandhi; Ajay;
    Find who are deciding ppl;

    >>>drop Ajays cheque for collection;
    grab JD data and organise further;
    Days flash  with good concept go for google adwords;
    enquire castling
    submit ajays entries to ggl

    Edited sundays blog;tweeted; reserved grandsweets; tuesdays sketch;

    sunday 21 st july

    One sure fire development of the day is ads on hand organised; indulgence of GTA of Tv couldnt be tolerated;managed less indulgence;seen bridal mantra new mag very impressive one with ads;all other books on hand scanned further;throught the day felt boring and uneasy;mokshaworld reserved;

    Despite of all days record pressure from Narsing as usual;Cleaning and garbage outside home; TV sound menace switched off but seen gun men story; GTas objection parampara had to be faced; richas request and gtas objection on chocolate; Gandhis surprise visit to home; most of ads on hand organised  listed top 100 plus ads spent lot of time here for the day; neibourRKs shouts Kotlata; dhobi guy created head ache for the day with burnout of my shirt and  Gtas saree; cash drawn; Soldout news papers;Organied magazines at home;

    Team need money 4 ads:
    Funding create a project report fuether; 
    Try big ads from Monday; yes r&d did; need one daily paper Tie up;

     Bangalore rx;  NO cancelled;

    Planning Hour
    feed 4 entries to ggl; shifted;

    Chicken?? brought home;

    see ads on hand;

    Hunt for new books on Abids;rs 100/-

    Reduce intake so that u can work on monday;

    data pls; learn coral draw; organise data on hand;

    saturday 20th july

    Team >>>need money 4 ads:
    Funding>>> create a project report; 
    Try big ads from Monday;

    future plan;10 sit outs; left over month planning!
    how to improve follower base at twitter;
    grab data further;
    learn coral draw;
    letter work pls;

    Got up very late; cheques sent for collection; read 3 papers;Unable to go to field;ajay went to field and closed 1; loaded that entry;gta also got up very late no coffee;
    days left over
    Buy sunday rx book;
    organise data on hand;

    19th july friday

    Something gone wrong unable to get up; read ET yesterday found nice articles; managed outside tifeen due to hungry; Unable to know as what to do; Call from ibibo recd; yesterday blog edited again; Good article in the hindu about food supply web sites; By 12;00 am got ready with shover;Days flash idea is to target companies who are active on twitter promos;

    Called gandhi his feed back to promote than asking ad;RX;

    ***Days findings in Rx;
    in Rx connections are very dangerous;despite what ever may be;
    jaydev modi m narredu; done with R.K.Mahesh;draw no 1;
    i feel in pune dont back fav; on a rainy day;need to be watched;

    Mallya combi with P.Trevor failed my decition proved successful;

    Called gta haD GOOD RESPONSE;  

    Night covered gandhis event met daivagna sharma


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