Tuesday, July 16, 2013

16th july tuesday

Jail visit
Confidence please;

Got up bit late due to over dosage of night yet managed to scan 2 dailies; Birth day function of owners grand son invitation had from owner aunty; With an alert from Kishore rushed to ChanchalGuda  Jail to see SRN; 2 hours wait there few things known; stomach trouble; Ajay met later loaded his pictures; Had Dosa at morning; Helped gta to bring water and few things to home; During the wait for Kisore purchased tablets and insulin  needles;

At sadgun prepared price list and saved few more entries of JD verified;
Paid electric bill; purchased l folders; seen few more books on hand;

Cats menace had to be cleaned in front of the home;Again rain carnage?? Some more books scanned at home; Gta busy with appoinments came home very late;

Where was the chance to meet big clients confidently?

15th July post

 Scanned YOU and I and femina mag at morning;Morning lot of file saving works managed at home;Quickly decided to have one more directory on hand and its ready; But nned lot of editings;Work started at morning; managed to Redhills  and maqbool gave Kunji to baig; Met 2 guys at Skaycabs; Met Castling and Tick quick; Major success stories of the day are gandhis guidance to be with confident approach; 3 commitments had from field ie; castling;Tick click; castling; poor response from web axis guy; Call from Rexine house recd; Police bandobast near hotel Sudha seen;

By evening got very busy Gandhi joined ,Satish and Sastry have also met detailed them about project; Kishore edited card new and saved it; Gandhi gave some commitment for advertisements;
Money is slowly going out of hands; Night limit has crossed;


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