Monday, July 15, 2013

14th July Sundays post

Morning net at home  was very fast so managed to load  pending vedeos  later edited Tirupati hotel page; Later  daily paper scanning  did pinning work also managed;  Brifly planned monday gandhi called;

After quickly arranging few needy  things for home;went ahead to Abids to buy old magazynes this time took huge toll and got many good books include big famina maxim and few others got into my collection list they were heavy  so stopped buying spree later coming back to home scanned some of them; managed to drop 3 letters from abids;

Good luck story of the day is  missed one bad choice at RX; In Rx sandesh strategy known; Safe to back is  winner again with same jockey; and failed fav as fav this time; Met old friend satyanarayana there; Missed lunch at home;

Pricelist prepared for


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