Sunday, July 07, 2013

sunday 7th july

Called ajay and known things;Called satish; Got up late due over indulgence; managed to rush through dailies eenadu gave good info about web sites must read another time; Called gandhi later; edited yesterdays blog again; late tiffen;Tweeted;

Rx failure by short head;new point rider Suraj narredu  made it;On a quick decicion purchased 8 Magazynes  repute by night scanned all of them;New point is url or address printing;Can bargain much more; Night enjoyed MAA cine Awards; Most of the day was busy 
with works;Managed hair cut later;Purchased tablets; Arranged things for home;Commitment gave for Rina for birth day cake she followed me later to Bakery;

Lot of websites from magazines written need to check them all;
scanned all days papers; pending cutting work  completed; Called DOTNDOT Kiran and fixed an appointment;

8th July post;

Got up very early straight away to retrieved Document writers saved almost all of them by 8 

AM;Called kISHORE; Satish;gandhi;


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