Saturday, July 06, 2013

6th july saturday post

Morning got up bit late but purchased papers from sudha guy this time;Morning failed to control the days proceedings but seen whole lot  of alexa warrior fourm idea has emerged;Gave cash to Ajay so his accounts got settled dropped his cheque; Decided to bring 2 yelloegaes indiacom took xerox  3d view known and netwrk18  googles adowrds certified seen at wall return came through  new road by then lost interest to work no energy levls  due to much stress and weight lost interest to work totally came home and retired to Rx managed to catch up winner despite setbacks of beteen man courage and pettubadi need for outstanding growth soon i will make it;no milk to home cats;

Evening Met kiran and Suresh souvenir front page page fuether developed; saved some content of document writers and gave to suresh;Night pinning work continued by me at home;

night TV  commericials seen;Gta exchanged few things about her job;

Success from  Rx  this time;more daring act needed; whole gang of girls came home; 

5th july

New books in to fold are; 1.Times food Guide;2.Channel6;3.Wowhyd;4.telugu velugu;  Swathi 29 year issue;written all ads in a new diary;Gave Pen media book to Prahlad; shown same to Munawwer khan he gave cash; major advertisers listed out; Called y reach guy he gave reference of his friend he called back later seen his web site;

Ajay went alone to field and said he closed one; By evening all cheques got cleared;kamals failure continued; Raja furniture also failed;afternoon pending dailies cutting work completed; Narsing rao request had; this time had to invest more money for rice due to late supply; Satish called surprisingly;Rinas dad came back from Hospital;

By night covering letter of lekhari further got developed and looking great;gta completed  2 days of work


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