Thursday, July 04, 2013

2ns,3rd,4th july postings;

subhakankshalu blockd; alexa 19 lakhs; Swathi some annivarsy issue purchased and scanned; spent some time park;CEOs are helped by wifes news seen at ET; tweeted; beautiful layout of ET;

4th july

Morning to park;spent some time; called gandhi;managed to buy insulin,paid net bill;

1.Success story at field work witj Ajay; plus few more positives had;verified logo is also ready;
2.Covering letter with pictures is ready by night;3.Gta joined job;4.Some prints in the morning took;5.seen india today mag at sadgun;6.managed to mail kamalakar;7.NRNs revenge call;8.ajay was very late to field;9.cheques still not cleared related tention;10.cheng called up;11.loaded collected entries fro, Sadgun with ajay;12.subhakankshalu is mine;

3rd july some trouble at home in the morning but soon got evoporated; Work with Ajay fetched;
other calls include
1.Sree Ravi Kiran electricals;(P sekhar;)
2.Sree balajee Hotel(prizm book got)
3.Electrical linesGirl;
4.Rexine house(closed;)
5.Some other call of Ajay;s followup;
6.Golden park hotel(lady)

 shown mag to sadgun people;
In the evening managed to post  pending entries from sadgun; Kiran designed lekhari verified logo;

2nd july post;

Sample Souvenir came out finally Xerox dynamics got exposed lost temper at xerox guys;Good response from GTA; Did 10 calls from Home had 3 positives; Ajays came up with 1 success story; Heavy tention during the DTP due to very slow; Exposed binding work pasting etc;
Manged 20 postal mailers; Chat with Yanamala; kamal responded; Complted all pending paper cutting work;
Phone success stories; Hitech;Sheelas;Avasar;


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