Saturday, June 29, 2013

29th june saturday

8.Saturn met at morning but bluntly rejected his request;7.Morning 8 dailes Andhra bhoomi weekly purchased and scanned them;6.At last some part of DTP work started moved further  politics noted;1.Settled ajay account;2.Gandhi called later he came home;3.Gta joined back did pinning work of ads;4.Called NRN he said will reachhyd on monday;5.seen RX card later purchased sundays card plus great andhra;

9.Tried to meet Tulip identified his office  met a girl there and new Arial exposure had  paiga plaza palace marriage hall;felt irritated in after noon;10.thedostore traffic rank amazing but they have not used twitter is a big surprise;

11.i continued Ads Cutting work in evening gandhi came in between gave tips to have a telecaller use SMS technology.12.GTA gave new idea use home as office;

13.Pappu chekkalu of Vijaya Cottage are very tasty can i sell it online?

14.In a split of a second  had  acccident  at galli  my left hand small finger got hurt a bit due some ones badly parked parked  vehicle surprise neibours enquired about issue;

28th june day

whyd data posted around 300 entries;Gta left;Ajay dint work; No income day;met kiran Suresh;No field calls from my side even; Phone followup did with castling; Gta continued pinning work;

During the afternoon and night much of cutting work did at home;That mailer is ready with 40 xerox copies finally must push them to clientale now; Gandhi called up;

Rinas chocolates calls;Kiran gave his discount card data;


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