Thursday, June 27, 2013

26th june post

Planned to do the things in a lightining speed;

Again 10 more news papers and completed 2 days papers scan and cutting work;Stagnation continued at home;night called NRN;Covered 2 sros 2 are successful;but long wait;long journey too scooter shake of wheel; Ajay couldnt bring anything;Met Sadgun guy;what that email activation?Morning managed to send 11 mailers to nellore and 1 to Tirupati some of  letters were  color prints;jayram reddy called; Purchased new l folder and took 60 xerox copies;Rate negotiation enquiry did with Xerox guy 4 color prints;Times assent;

Mailed essae;Scooter condition further got worsened;Pending works of Ajay completed;Purchased Tulip mag and scanned Zaminryot;no Call from ibibo yet? sent SMS to that company and others but in vain;


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