Thursday, June 20, 2013

20th thursday post

Got up by 6 AM; at 640 or so 11.purchased rich 11 dailies plus Swathi mag quickly 12.scanned all of them; manasaradhi guy called; Called Gandhi; SRI yesterday guy called and took their web site address; Called Sailesh and fixed appointment; Called Yoga ppl;13.NCC web site seen;

Dropped cheque at bank;purchased files15.;new stappler;Xerox work and 16. lamination work near Sadgun did; karaikalport,14.L folders purchased; 17 .met DTP guy work of letters and Messages took;
7.loaded l logo to Twitter;8.mailer created small one;
9.Dropped GTA at bank;

1.gave proposal to The mithai emerald shop;
2.Called Daaram sabari;
3.called adroit systems sent them mail later;(sat day)
4.Gta dropped cheques in morning;ads pinning work did;
5.snehhouse ; v 130,476 reserved;
6.karaikalport 31 lakh;
10 loaded new logo to blog

nobelhygiene 49 lakh
19.called Rishi guys;
20.Nalla Water arranged to home;

21.child hood friend sudhakar cell 9963091535 met;
22.the hindu metroplus on thurday;
23.the hindu guy called ;24.missed yaga session mind power session;adroit traffic rank

19th Wednesday post

Manged to remove  dead cat from galli with the help of Municipal guy; Later purchased 11 dailies  from new vendor; This time my decition of asking that rajendranagar guy to come and handover  has fetched by evening .with nrn to that place also has  fetched; Morning brief trouble at home; Bad language by Gta;(fethings brought by gta)

Throught the journey had long discussion with NRN and known his openion; Met one new guy had feedback of tablet;One the way back from Byke ride seen some big outlets near hitech city; Longway to that place again seen organics office also;gave 2 k to narsing; Ajay was successful this time; kiran gave few ideas; At evening lot of developments from printing side; English broture layout got strenghthened,visiting card too got edited; Lekhari Letter pad also developed;Party to Kishore this time;
Some problem of jyothi(ABN) vs TRS;
Logo for web site with new ppl is also ready;


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