Monday, June 17, 2013

17th june monday

Nrn called in morning Aajay sent msg on his marriage day; 2 hours spent on cutting 3 days dailies around 50 more ads found; added flicker benefits to broture;had Coffee out side;purchased tea powder from veg guy; Complaint from Pan guy for not buying sunday papers;(mansoor)

Field calls
Mochi,erragadda DW khan saab;Main DW MLA like;sro mla;another DW;bouncer at neelkanth;balanagar ;DW;SRO;
JD;Kukatpally DW:

ph calls;
daaram,secind scin,beena,cto,GVR,chermas,lavanya,NRI,sachdev,gandhi,social kichdi,srigayathri,
dasari ranga rao,rishi,VRL,wow hyd,social kichdi,palate,

16th June sunday post strategy designed for souvenir

9 news paper purchase for the day;Due to followup gandhi  has fetched came and we had lot of interaction for Souvenir release; Messages to get from top people;keep 2 months gap; Hire team; Intial meetup at small hall alter big hall; Also edited Telugu mailer further; Called Chalapathi sir and Kiran;Tweeted fathers day;Objections from Aunty?

Morning decided to number the total ads collected with the help of GTa by night managed to write 500 plus entries quite un beleivable task achieved;


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