Wednesday, June 05, 2013

5th june;days record;

Again 4 ppl; me;gta;ajay;nrn;
load ajay entries;  ***manage to send mailer to few top clients;
***paper cutting work to continue;

Edit mailer; take prints;telugu DTP;
dot tv work;with jana;
(planning hour;Broture design)
10 sittings;
load pending pictures;
google prints directory; Continue google entries work;
see tehelka;

Days work;

1.water works
2.bajaj;Indra sena reddy manager;
3.sro;sr nagar
5.castling;beena ; 9849882454
6.nalanda;Tom;94403 33940
7.sro erragadda
8.musa peta;Ok;
9.raju DW;
10.that erragadda
11.took tehelka;
14.Raju met on road; catch pragati art  printers;
12.Organised file for magazines;
13.had DTP commitemnt from Kiran for tommorow;

Telugu mailer is ready;help of suresh known;got introduced to one photographer;


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