Sunday, June 02, 2013


Day began at 4.30 AM;

Days plans;


1.get dailies at 7 am
2.Chicken or fish to decide?
3.***more ggl rd of ranigunj current standings
4.That rice shop call;
5.Get  google maps binding 10 am;

6.organise ads cuttings on hand seperate file about rajesh pics ; take prints if you can; arial survey at sec bad on google maps;
8.Prints of bearings shops
gollapalli jatara news;
Handle incoming calls;

mail munawwer; gtas contributions to  attach few things to her;

Buy Rx book of sunday;

watch out cats menace;hh

(planning 10 sit outs; 
advanced planning pls
filing and dabbanam pls;
Planning hour;
(Monday  3 rd 
Team followups to decide?)

send  2cheques for collection;
Bigger ads pls;


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