Saturday, June 01, 2013

1st june

Again early get up;  Heavy insecurity due to leg pains  but after some  time it was ok ;this time took Sakshi extra found it to be useful one; scanned all ads and made a note Krishna called; suffered with leg pains gta helped to carry bag at bank met Gopala krishna;

Dr followup did later it was picked by team mate;

later managed to get water on apressure this time new boy came ;

Long wait at bearings;thanks to my web site;
Ok cheque from rajesh Bhai got; ; Ajay joined for field work did   at market  did very interesting calls 2 books got from the field;; 2 cheques cleared by night;

Field calls; stay fit magazyne got coloful one;

Sat days seems to a dull day for registrations due to bank bund;
One pearl shop was very interesting;
***akka also called this time she told stunning news; books gave 4 binding;NRN settled amounts; had long chat with ajay at chikkadpally;

Back home cats menace continued;Shouted at opp lady as she tried to poke through;

gave gta limca; thank god Rx were post poned;

Gta helped me in carry bag to bank;
micro art from ajay known; seen;


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