Tuesday, May 28, 2013

movie poster

film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets. They normally contain an image with text. Today's posters often feature photographs of the main actors. Prior to the 1990s, illustrations instead of photos were far more common. The text on film posters usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tag line, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.
Film posters are displayed inside and on the outside of movie theaters, and elsewhere on the street or in shops. The same images appear in the film exhibitor's pressbook and may also be used on websites, DVD (and historically VHS) packaging, flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc.
Film posters have been used since the earliest public exhibitions of film. They began as outside placards listing the programme of (short) films to be shown inside the hall or movie theater. By the early 1900s, they began to feature illustrations of a film scene or an array of overlaid images from several scenes. Other posters have used artistic interpretations of a scene or even the theme of the film, represented in a wide variety of artistic styles.

medias part in movie promotion

Film promotion is the practice of promotion specifically in the film industry. As with all business it is an important part of any release because of the inherent high financial risk; film studios will invest in expensive marketing campaigns to maximize revenue early in the release cycle. Marketing budgets tend to equal anywhere between half or three times the production budget. Publicity is generally handled by the distributor and exhibitors.

28th may Tuesday!

Got up very early; suffered from after math of over dosage of night  with  Ajay yet completed few tasks of morning; Tehelkaa book seen;Edited mailer again;Kamlakar came in to contact;Gandhis drmatics were impressive;There were huze ads for tigerairways in dailies; Gandhis sister vijay durga;

Continued with content procurement;After some time emailed to all friends about my recent venture response had from 2 Naveen and Bhawar; Work continued with team had 2 closings and 2 more new commitments;Nrn did lot of followups;daram hope developed;During the field work new areas of revenue known again; Commitments have failed again so depression continued; Retrieved some photos of Sneha etc;Seen Daggumati padmakar profile in FB; To Day is NTR s birth day;

My followups;KLR;Daram;

Lot of knowledge is available with E tv news at night; seen entire expenses and income levels of last year and this year; One cat which was getting Milk from my home is getting more closer;During the field work took few pics of GHMC; Gta expectatipn known seen her involvement;One book municipals seen at GHMC;

27th may post

Unexpected shout at milk guy;Morning posted coverage of WPI  known many things of  a party later shown prints (thanks to sai  cafe guy) to team and  SIO new guys ;Krishaiah called and told about Ganga Jatara and contributions etc;;Had 3 more positives from field after joining team madhu said hes leaving this time Scooter yatra continued;;Morning  unexpectedly Ajay came and  gave one monthly magazyne and i deputed him for round stamp;NRN did phone followup of all calls but failed;Morning felt very busy;

Another new areas of income known thanks to team again;Scooter started miss behaving again;Read info about WPI known about political parties in india Jaimaite-islami and SIO;Met  one hotel near laki di ka pool;Met calls at ranigunj and had one positive; Cash levels have further gone down; rejected when Gta tried to tell news about owners;Siasat ranking known;emailed the coverage to Sadidk,and another;

Positives count has further gone up;Some what cool day;
DTP guys email took:;madhus help of cash finally; enjoyed padutha teeyagaa;Ajays home seen;
throught the day had butter milk;


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