Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28th may Tuesday!

Got up very early; suffered from after math of over dosage of night  with  Ajay yet completed few tasks of morning; Tehelkaa book seen;Edited mailer again;Kamlakar came in to contact;Gandhis drmatics were impressive;There were huze ads for tigerairways in dailies; Gandhis sister vijay durga;

Continued with content procurement;After some time emailed to all friends about my recent venture response had from 2 Naveen and Bhawar; Work continued with team had 2 closings and 2 more new commitments;Nrn did lot of followups;daram hope developed;During the field work new areas of revenue known again; Commitments have failed again so depression continued; Retrieved some photos of Sneha etc;Seen Daggumati padmakar profile in FB; To Day is NTR s birth day;

My followups;KLR;Daram;

Lot of knowledge is available with E tv news at night; seen entire expenses and income levels of last year and this year; One cat which was getting Milk from my home is getting more closer;During the field work took few pics of GHMC; Gta expectatipn known seen her involvement;One book municipals seen at GHMC;

27th may post

Unexpected shout at milk guy;Morning posted coverage of WPI  known many things of  a party later shown prints (thanks to sai  cafe guy) to team and  SIO new guys ;Krishaiah called and told about Ganga Jatara and contributions etc;;Had 3 more positives from field after joining team madhu said hes leaving this time Scooter yatra continued;;Morning  unexpectedly Ajay came and  gave one monthly magazyne and i deputed him for round stamp;NRN did phone followup of all calls but failed;Morning felt very busy;

Another new areas of income known thanks to team again;Scooter started miss behaving again;Read info about WPI known about political parties in india Jaimaite-islami and SIO;Met  one hotel near laki di ka pool;Met calls at ranigunj and had one positive; Cash levels have further gone down; rejected when Gta tried to tell news about owners;Siasat ranking known;emailed the coverage to Sadidk,and another;

Positives count has further gone up;Some what cool day;
DTP guys email took:;madhus help of cash finally; enjoyed padutha teeyagaa;Ajays home seen;
throught the day had butter milk;


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