Saturday, May 25, 2013

25th may 2013 post

Unexpected power cut in morning so i came out  had long interaction with neibourR.K.Eenadu coverage says around 300 people are died in state due to sun stroke and one adverticement from government also seen as precautions to beat heat.Story about roger federers twitter account; and followers was very interesting one.

Shocked to see net connection was not connected tried many times and  so  content  for sovenir work dint progress; Later 2 pics of photo journalism of boys death due to heat and birds pic of the THE Hindu cuttings saved; morning pics of sleeping pilli(small cat);

Inspired  DTP guys;seen ID cards of some firms;some funny names;At Bank  after cash disbusements met manager and known formalities needed to open a account for pen media forum;and application form took; paid net bill reached  press  At press memebership form work initiated;Poor levels of cash levels so skipped RX Malakpet; Nrn says he can arrange Voter card;

Madhu remembered the CTOs address;Ok;then to One new political party interview took;
with the help of  Team been to a new Political party they gave lemon Chai there intervied secretary ;

Welfare party of India president
secretary welfare party of India

Interview with State general secretary

Party members 

Had had  lot of intereraction at home;seen rx records at night missed to received Satish and Syams calls; Shakeel was more close and expressed his views about few things;Final phase of days ended with top up work of cell phones;gtas help in bringing Curd and cell top up;

Thanks Bhawarlal also called from Mumbai;


24th may;

Morning Mama called had chat with Akka too exchanged few pleasantaries activated both;Durga from kadapa also called activated her known few things about her sisters etc;Morning read history of media and gained trmoundous knowledge  and confidence thanks to Wikipedia and net TOI,Media History;Tweeted 2 big issues ;Crossed neibour hood lady in walking  had mummys wish;Old man washerman not responsive but his wife wished; issue; more wishing of DTP work; asked shakeel about DTP,seen his sons pic on cell phone ;Bhanu  DTP guy at balaji?

One boy died due to heat appeared on Eenadu;More close understanding with pan walla;Team joined  and completed tasks of New letter pad cum broture and Bill books and Visiting cards; Very late to field work but got 3 bhonis and 3 commitments;plus 4 references;By night NRN has confessed about the things indifferences;
Night Kamalakar called;Good news is cheque got cleared;

Small cats have continued to roam and muse around in home;

25 th may tasks;

cheque transfer and disbursements; work

Membership form work to begin;

Gtas involvement to day?


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