Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tommorows plan; thursday; 23-5-2013;

***send cheque for collection;

show team prints of mission statements etc;;
team dynamics;

Seen this unique domain name ; some poster seen on auto; has currently 222,568 alexa india rank;


Plot No. 92, Mahesh Nagar, ECIL Post,
Hyderabad - 500 062. 
Corporate Office: 040-27138756, 040-40158756
Fax: 040-27125456


22-5-13 days record;

Day began very early got up at 4 a;m or so had cool water;after repeated requests Gta prepared chai; mailed that t id request to that girl; by night had a positive reply yeah..met Kiaan  while going to sadgun and called Kishore from there and told him treasurer; morning shouted at OLD  lady beggar for shaking of curtain GTA supported it; Called Suneetha;Chinna; gave kapada for pressing;

Pan wala surprisingly tried to help me in getting that DC special issue of may 18th;
retrieved yesterday blog coverage at The hindu and read it too very interesting;

To see as how the day will proceed; Syam called and told about Venkatesh who introduced me to Internet death news but iam not shaked this time as it was expected one;  this time  later problem erupted at home again but i kept my cool this time i dont know how it erupted;

chengaiah called without notice but rejected him at night; Old man came with Car but as no a?c he skipped dropping us on the road it was very hot day discussions continued at Drug office talks about conducting Medical Camps etc; Few of important tasks completed at sadgun posted Certificate to blog  took prints of blog etc; 1 hour spent; canda girl said yes for t id; blog title changed i want to write specific of life from now;

Few things developed for the day;penmedia forum blog is ready now;
achieved may 2013 blog prints;
Again Chips failure at same place at ashok nagar;
Wished mess guy at lak-di-ka pool surprising move;
Ten suggestions at yahoo read; future planning needed;
Mission statement prints took;
emailed to lavanya id; seen web site of srigayathri; emailer got bounced back;
some gift to GTA by owners sons wife very close??
Payal ka jhankaar;gajjela ghal ghal by a hostel girl;
madhus support for my family problem wasgood one!

New thing known from sadgun guy color lamination etc;

Prime Targets;for the day;

1.kukatpalli;guy;>> followup did;>>>New turn took with Madhu;
2.Global>>> Team achieved it;
3.Rushi;further 2 more days;
5.block id;
6.Phone calls to ppl; OK;
7.Daram :failed;


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