Tuesday, March 19, 2013

adv plangg;203-2013; wed day;

days field calls ;
 u imp;

karan ranka
Tea walla;
Electric shop;
tyre guys;

@6.50 send data of Aj to ggl..

plannaing needed here too;..plan....and...try for more color prints; try save them on pen drive;
during work take more frequent  breaks to walk; team up pls;Ajy;kamal;

submit cheque of    to s b i also submit to ggl and post their data to blog;

***more of future plannning pls; need ;10 sessions;
888 more of black white prints.....color prints...

hair cut; buy shaving cream; may need to buy R X book of ... thursday investment on hand?;Try Chalapthi and gandhi; team up....

Call few nlr guys wether they have recd any ggl letter?
sharada sarees work;
edit sana;dR hotels work

 20-3-13 plan @ 10.50 pm;Ok;

plan to take more help of GTA;involve slowly;
buy eye glass;
submit tpthelpline data to ggl plus;>>
gt;submit left over data of gta to my nlr blog; may be in evening:
rani gunj;
continue ggl plus submittions;of tpt;


next major demands:

1.press ads for raising  team................. investment  needed pls;
2.set up box; money!
3.more color prints; rs 700/-
4.web designers pls; and pvt ltd pls;
5.money for rx investments and eating;
6.more of black and white prints of ggl maps;
7.summer UPs;etc;
8.expansion of DW to south India

>>>not to lose temper after gossip or a carryout;

Innovative Designing works ,chikkadpally hyderabad

Innovative Designing works
Chikkadpally Main Road, Hyderabad 500020

Contact person; Balna Hari Prasad
We Specialyse in Digital Color Printing,Ditital Color lab,Wedding album designing,

Hanuman Rolling Shutters bholakpur hyderabad

Hanuman Rolling Shutters  ph 040-27537169

K.Ashok prop;
Wholesale suppliers of;
All Spare parts of Rolling Shutters
1-4-1/21 Opp Praga Tools ltd
Bholakpur Hyderabad

19-3-13; tuesday;

dream>>>i must plan for quick team>>>>yes!

***Morning long search did on major keywords; more time spent on this excercise; Must take prints of ggl maps of ranigunj;
*** managed to load 50 entries of mynellore data typed by gta at sadgun;

narration of hindi  at TV...zabde;sampark contact;sabit;chaturayi;

morning lot of disturbing dreams;got up anyway at 7 AM;no milk at home;
>>>Ajay met at galli spent some time with him;

calls; 1.glass centry work;3.followup;4.Tailor;5.color lab;6.electric shop;7.water guy 8..daga;9.guy who gave 5 cards;9.ggl letter falcon;10.justdial guys;11.opp shop;12.hardware shop;13.sardarji;
field work continued at secunderabad;managed to get some data;interesting work but ;telling leg pains; had one positive for april;
justdial power from a vendor known;
new information for the day is vijaya cottage recd letter from ggl and offer of 3k for 500/-
morning gta felt dull and triggered tention;
closed shutters;digital shop;
met vijaya cottage;again sent mail to kamal; had trouble with gtas illness;
again posted data to my nellore sadgun;took some prints;
>>zaminryot reached home given by narsing rao;

For the first time ggl maps submittions reached to 250;
>>seen animal planet tv programme at night;
importance of ranigunj known;



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