Monday, December 24, 2012

recent attempts

own asset rs 100/-
deja vu 100/-
yellow zone
bella figura;(F)rs 50/-
Hamlet 600/-(w)
Forest Vision f
mumbai rs 80/- F
Montezuma rs 500/- won
hachico rs 80/- won
Pleny potent 2s 200/- F
Homeric (f)
own asset 3/1 won
Czar romance won at 3 to one
Negotiater f
kolkata c alford won
against kallu mama
Chalapathi not as fav Lost;
Chalapathi dasrath  Singh lost;
padmanabhan trans dental
suraj;3 old;
An aquired taste(f)tame third
Missed imran khan; at 10/1
ps chouhan urwindsofchange(f)
ps chouhan(f)
ps chuhan vijays (W)

24th December;post

One who lost at cramped odds 20/100;
One who is most experienced 2 new points

24 th dec post;monday;

Morning checked status at DW top 20 cities of india;Had Puri at morning at home;

Dropped krishna at kachiguda then worked at charminar area; Days work began bit earliar;Exposure had at Charminar area but failed therelater LB nagar entry also failed had stomach trouble at LB nagar;

Had success at saroor nagar lost interest to work later forgot rx book poor planning;
pinning work did at home after reaching of latest cards collection;

23 rd sunday december post

Morning quickly managed few things and got ready to received relatives;Later spent time with Krishna and his daughter then dropped them at Boats Club and returned;After sit out time waste noted kachiguda but new persons exposure;
Aeen video of saree cerimony;Srns guidance had as old directory;(realtors etc)Night DVD head ache ny neibours;Rinas trouble and tention no feed back from Baby etc;Continued requests by Owner;
Machivanism surprise??


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