Thursday, October 25, 2012

25th october;post dasara day!

1.Edited yestear days blog and also analysed yesterday moves;Arranged things 4 GTa; from satya;called NRN;
3.Loded dasara pics;
4.During the wait for NRN lost energy levels;
5.Called rama chandra;(indifferent reaction)
6.called kishore; later met them;
7.Called sridha r reddy;( had boucer)
8.made new bag ready;
9.Met NRN scrap area identified;( spent long time with him;)Called RK;many new things known;Network guys on a monthly visit;
10.Night met satya;
11.released google check proces; at morning;
lakshmi Ganpathi temple RTC x roads;

lakshmi Ganpathi temple RTC x roads;

Puja mandir at home

Thulasi mokka at door step of my home


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