Sunday, October 07, 2012


Snow blaze

subhang s

perfect strngth

sanjay kolse


S N joshi


s k sunderji

heavenly Prize

rehanullah k


m shah


n lagad


karthik ganapathy

Forest leigeon
Haunting fantacy
Scarlet regent



i a sait


himat singh

Fifth gear

h j antia

Always smile

f a abbas


dr anil k

maco man

c D Catrak

Winds of fortune

a siddiqui

Calypso queen

a jodha

Que sera sera

a hussain

Sea pearl Secret magic

a dajee

Mid night lady

7th october

There are lot many mares who will produce; Montezuma should bring me some solace today;Had nice sleep; But depression began in morning it self;2 dailies purchased;Again another able to scan them afternoon;Pedda bala siksha read;
Evening read back enire 3 years past history;Singh and NRN have called and thats sudden twist;Chengaiah and kamal also called;Success at RX at last;Night tweeted and enjoyed match;

One more new point is after recent blazing win with 5 l above next visit with same jockey yuville;

6 th october

Long wait for NRN lost temper finally;One more new point at RX;distance it must cover when its above 2000;again read t velugu and gained tremendous confidence;Gta joined finally at night thank god i was totally depressed and was about to take some decicion;Most of Kolkata trainers listed on my blog;singer called;again failed to remember  cell phone so the tax;travelled by bus;NRN called back anayway;


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