Saturday, September 08, 2012

slade valley shailesh wins calcutta colts trail stakes

slade valley  shailesh wins calcutta colts trail stakes; at 2 and half ;
days new knowledge;

***success with covent garden  kishore kadam dhunjibhoy first run for kolkata court ministreal handicap;
***4 old have edge aerator  wins zipper cup c alford
 ***Silverina wins calcutta fillies trial stakes
***unbeaten slade valley story
 ***dandified wins citi limits cup; star symphony place missed at evans;
 ***swift memories wins rapier plate i chisty saddled winner;
***brunello place at 80 paisa missed;
 ***champagne gold plate  won by limiless hills(49 kgs) a live threat known for the day;

rising power lost in pleasures plate;
winner with any jockey is dangerous; king julien a sandesh; ***original vel days best;
mountain force wins giacosa plate;missed this bet; b.prakash;
dancing glances wins odds on trophy; scarlet pimpernal fails; s zervan;
who is ashad asbar; star future  wins akkasaheb mahraj trophy;

placerville  5 wins for the day;
1.prince khatoum(altaf hussain)
3.limit less(toddywala0
4.king julien a sandesh
5.mountain force(M K jadhav) giscosa plate;
6.dancing galances (altaf hussain dasrath singh)

rebuttal 3 wins;
5.kokata slade valley
8. pune;

diffident star future;
hymn; wings shammi khan(jodha)

dancing glances for odds on trophy

dancing glances for odds on trophy
my days choices
2.brunello for the raphier plate
3.limiless hills for champane gold trophy
4.rising power for pleasures plate
5.mountain prince for giacossa plate


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