Friday, September 07, 2012

friday equine lover

These are my new slippers with 2 new caps...will they add any pep to my looks??

Strange looks of GTA...

this is the pic of manadals of nellore district

Gta wearing spects;look at the Aquarim at my home with just 2 fishes

days rx ideas; equine lover wins mysore 1000 guineass

1.whos unbeaten mounts are there for classics;?; equine lover; must increase on this performance; equine lover;
2.again missed last time same jockey  success stories;i chisty;inqusition;
3.quick enough;

latest developments

1. days success at rx equine lover; must improve on this strategy;
2.yesterdays income;
3.daily add onns for KA;
4.daily pics and description;5.stats tracking
5.plats and fishes and muggulu a and kitchen devpments at home; shoe,caps,insulin check up;pen refil
7.bath room devlopment;
8.telugu velugu,eenadu articles;
9.vja success;camera repair;hair cut;40 plus calls;
10.twitter ids;great andhra;
11.content from nelloremail;
12.seo idea some one must link up u;
13.labels at blog;
14.stickers; TV;
16.gadpa muggulu;
17.srijanam offer;

7th sept post

statcounter work continued at home; No work day;sucess at RX; Going to hrc is in a hurry; padmanabhans b.prakash strategy seems to have worked;chalapathi called but missed nice bet;called vja suresh;

New confidence again;ajays call recd; nice response had from srijanam; 2 books of tommorow purchased; loaded few more pics; arranged few things to home including vegitables; and chicken; Voltage problem at home; brought new candle and tube light;

last week only one choice of original vel was successful; one favrite at bookie was successful;

6th sept pictures;

telangana journalists forumposter

telanga employees forum poster

balkampet yellamma pochamma temple in hyderabad

                                                   balkam pet yellamma temple in hyderabad

Balkampet Yellamma temple is an Hindu temple located at Balkampet in Hyderabad. It is very famous among Bonaalu and on Sundays.
seen lot of shops out side those who sell puja samagri.

new constructions in narayanaguda

Once this place was in full swing with vekatesya and srinivasa theatre;  as many theatres dismantled in hyderabad thiese 2 theares gone down and now new construction work is going on there; i was surprised to huge hole; veru huge one;

new constructions in narayanaguda ecom malls,online stores,jewellery malls online in hyderabad is new ecommerce portal;looks like initiated by martjack people;they are participating in adsense programme to see their performance;


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