Thursday, September 06, 2012

6th sept post

 geetha in blue looking very fat?

gta in cap and eye glass looking stange; isnt it? lloks very common after 40 age;

Ok 72 new users; missed to take  venkatesh theatre  hugehole construction picture at morning again Rajus attack had to be faced;purchased 5 news papers from Taj cafe; nice idli with Chutni; called nRN at morning known feedback from him; Morning t velugu good work;

Morning work at ranigunj area 1 hour no closings one steel guy with 40 years experinace became very friendly;Fishes in small pond at home again gta brought them; finally loaded gorres pics;felt very much tired after work;

days pics were narayanaguda digging ground;balkampet yellamma temple pic took;Blogging tips site seen and read it; morning nice inspiration had after reading telugu velugu magazine;
major success of the is from yerragadda prahlad entry; velt tired after work may be due to long travel on scooter; stats ips work continued this day too and response seen for the first time;
Days income sourse missed in the form of "quick enough"poor planning here felt depressed here for missing it;

Read this blogging tips site surprised with  traffic rank dailyblogtips;1346;;5769;  my blooging must improve from now isnt it??night childrens were shouting out side home; Neibou reddy met had discussion;his grand son sri charan reddy;

so far 1340 ips tracked;shopping did with Gta arguments here; due all sort of troubles of the day had indulged in twice;


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