Sunday, September 02, 2012

2 nd september;

poster picture took while morning walk chalo delhi by krishnaiah

another similar poster of chlao delhi

Rx preparation;(confidence pls).....time left? 3 hours;
bets on hand; 9; rs 200/- pls;uniform betining for the day; couldnt be continued;

1.jaques 12;30 okavando 88 eliminated; (missed;)
2.autumn rush ***
strides of glory  2.15 **(failed)
5.martique FF 2.30 (rule for ever) *(new point gained here)
7.atribute; 3.30 **

.august sun shine *
borsaliano 4.45 *****(failed)
specialist 5.15 ***(confusion due odds drifting)
cash from bank;
possible monday plan;???
new dress to rx; Ok;
load pics ;
bring dailies and scan them;also read editorial;
call gandhi;
Ok>arrange fish or chicken at home;
days news papers;bipasatweets info;homeocares;zaplon;pavan kalyans birth day;
Days record; 1.Read article in eenadu known about the power of patience; give inspiring tweets like Bipasha basu; 3.sent tweet to homeocares;4.seen the hindu tips;5..brought home fish;6..tweeted pavan kalyan birth day thanks to news papers; 7..reserved zaplon;8.added few more links to blog; site traffic rank seen sent them proposal; read few more blogs for tips for rx;

Days rx new points;

2 centre races a big head ache to bet; missed Blue sky  and baringo finnal confirmations;
 Okavanga won at 3 and half; bizzaro winner better;attribute rx; 2 good place bets missed;
not able to make up time for first race;but same jockey won;
even 13 lenghts can be covered in nest meeting machiavanism;(from 2000 to 1600 mts) new point learnt here;) Again uniformity cant be maintained missed autumn rush at good oods;

Confusion is new headache;mallays cant lose my point won; One good track work is enough Dreamland; debut winners are always dangerous for future odalis; one earliar win is dangerous Larel canyon christopher; 2times saved by no time; finally lost temper at home on lalith; 11 new points gained for the day;

1 st september post sleepless night

Morning heavily got disturbed when Raju called me on road;4 dailies took this time read them; again disturbance at home due to Suguna;
Success at Rx again but stakes to increase from now;night TV progammes seen at home; only Gandhi called for the day;due to over night sleeplessness felt tiresome so triple indulgence;Finally slept early; auntys request to GTA;

tilak road where most of the chemical shops are located;

tilak road in hyderabad

opticals street in hyderabad

again new point at RX is its owners game again MAM and  neeraj and SM ruia connections success at very nice odds for the day; at rx intitiated the success story with sone Old man;missed elcassico;imran chisty is good rider;auto drivers support noted;


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