Thursday, August 30, 2012

28th 29 th aug

28th read eenadu editorial; one dta entry  guy closed;thnaks to NRN;

29t To Raj mundy; succress there; vomittings at night; missed lunch;Rajmundry exposure had for the first time;target achieved anyway;

Lot of people seen selling flowers soecially mandaram flowers;

This PIC took from moving BUs look at the red water of river godawari water going waste;

One network company;CMD

Rajmundry railway station out side picture looked very nice

Picture took from moving train;
night back home legs swelling? 2 success stories;

27th aug;

27th by Delta passenger train with team to vja good rest had;After long followup success anyway;few more stickers added;Suresh helped to  carry my bag; sro ok;
Few more pics took; new letter prepared thanks to Madhu Pen drive; one DW entry closed;


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