Sunday, August 26, 2012

26th august 2012

Known the power of GTA;On return to home no power noted ?; rina tried to enter home later seen playing with Sneha ;Best day in Rx many pics won but poor strategy from my end payouts;sridhar reddy called at morning ok anyway; morning took 26 units inside;later tablet too;3 ppl auto travel;small mixure pakoda parcel to home near by guys help;
Attended   hrc ;pune and hyd races ran; many catches 4 the day; but poor betting strategy from my side; sudden call to go to vijayawada from team had to rush; quickly prepared every thing;
days catches anyway;

pune; warrior prince; s.zerwan
warthawan Zerwan first run win
capriole;sandesh(only poor amouts;
pune rx 7 th race;shes sweet new knowledge;(zadmal singh)a agarwal0
i a sai failed here;
hurricane bird ;sandeep jadhav;
sunder ji good looking best chance missed;
failed to back elena;shroff zervan at 62 paisa;

Morning called madhu;NRN;


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