Friday, August 24, 2012

this day 24th august

Felt confident after getting up had nice sleep much better less disturbance;
Morning heavy hunger pangs noted had 4 Dosa(egg dosa) got hunger levels subsided but 4 only few minutes;
owners request placed for monday 4 rent  so subordinated gta for cash withdrawal from bank from current account;
1.Called madhu;poor response;its surprise to him;later he met at hotel taj mahal quiries;rush at Lunch seen;
2.sridhar reddy;Ok;again reported to him;on poor odds;(bad odds) hes poor selection; for place money lost;
3.NRN;Ok; Called again and again; and again; news about kalyanjewellers;(i have blog id)to track this;
5.again bad sugar levels; took increased insulin to 16 units this time lets see;later at lunch 10 units;hunger subsided;
6.had tablets;
7.Day planned ; * "sudigadu" review posted to blog;seen great andhra; web site;
8.alexa ;greatandhra;190;global 2091
9.called chalapthi;Unusual response had;no response later from him;
10.idlebrain; 330; 3917;
11.satish;good response had;
long wait at Taj mahal hotel during the lunch for nrn suresh;during the wait read hindu twitter article;
12. called Gandhi had his feedback;
13.called Kiran stv;feedback had;
14.Gnt Prasad; chintaluru pharmacy info noted;
15.seen top 300 rankings at alexa;
16. had much better feeling so far;
17.sudden call from suresh; for bank cash; at night
18.managed took print out of  SBI current account;
19.called ramachandra;hes at bangalore;suggestion noted;
20.nice feedback  had from cheng after calling him;
21.this time rinas dad came and confessed unexpected event; lwter took 100/-
22.Call from Sapthagiri; unexpected;
23.GTA managed bank cash;insulin needles;(subordination)
24.namaste telangana add only for rs 200/-
25.stickers again  put in auto and bus;
26.while going to malakpet by bus altercation had; due to change problem with conductor;

1.Golimaster;trackeagle; times also;
3.future plangg
4.NRN madhu etc;
5.* *sridhar reddy will call; Chalapathi may call;
My planned activations 4 the day;

CELL .Calls.............. suneetha;syam;dhana;sankyo;krishna;
quickly to build up contacts faster again; great andhra;Zamynryot to get;
8.Try Sapthagiri; ref;
to check blood sugar levels twice;
9.sakshi biz ads;
10.tweet consolidations;
way2sms ;to seacrh in google; how to avoid alchohol;
seenaih,chengaiah....for zmmynryot;





bangalore it company

bangalore temple by chengaiah

sudigadu movie synapse,tailor,preview,review

‘Sudigadu’ and this has Allari Naresh as the hero while former Miss Gujarat Monal Gajjar is the leading lady.
This is directed by Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao and it is heard that Allari Naresh essays the role of a father and son. The producer for this is Chandrasekhar Reddy and it happens to be the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Tamizh Padam’ which was written by Amudhan. The film is made under the banner of Arundhati movies.
The music for the film is by Sri Vasanth while the camera is handled by Vijay Vulaganath, the editing department incharge is Gowtham Raju and this is slated to be the most expensive movie ever made in the career of Allari Naresh. The pre-release talk has been great so let us hope even the box office also responds positively.


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