Thursday, August 23, 2012

23rd aug post

Morning sudden heavy bleeding triggered heavy tension 4 the day later its stopped;I can sit now but hyper sugar levels cant be controlled(high sugar levels shown through accu-check thx 2 gta later read instuments data)attended rx but poor odds later known through indiarace that 3 races are cancelled due to heavy rain; auto rates are staggering needs planning from now;NRN totally absent no call from him later called him; major devlepment for home is all bulbs are done well by a electrician lot of other news by him about neibors  and he told about neibours poor calculation suffered here;

Sridhar reddy called and asked to back poor comment by trackeagle but book odds were succesful ; able to load few more pics;  morning panik triggered from from boy who begged food 4 taking his pic
Iam ranking no 1, 4 chunchulur on google  more info and pics  can be kept?

morning got up early panik erupted again from GTA later known fact to take care of her for low levels;
ring odds can be posted to blogs for spidering benefit; this time 12 bokkies seen operating at HRC;
read  "Toilet"at wikipedia;(c c 3000 cameras in hyd 4 some function thanks TO TV9; site seen looks like fraud;hicc;

nighanetralu;voice of cc camera control )oct 1 st to  193 countries 2000 people;hitech city;
dwaraka tirumala rao;lovotel hotel;bhadrata;
Felt very after google listing stands 2 for nellore and kajalagarwal; shown to gta;
The picture taken from hotel Taj Mahal at Narayanaguda hyderabad

Boy who begged for foor i we gave food but fritened after taking his pic

Electrician sriram all smiles after electrical repair work in my home
ebhoomi put on hold;


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