Monday, August 20, 2012

18th 19th 20th august

18th august;While madhu and suresh went for guntur collection i stayed back at lodge; quickly managed to book vennela bus ticket to hyd did it help me Only god knows; later accounts got settled by night settled lodge; i had to travel by bus(berth)not worth;carried luggage was bit heavy; tough time in waiting to board;later bottle and heat problem in waiting ; missed koti took auto reached home;

19th august; sunday aug;
reached hyd safe;Sridhar reddy nd chalapthi called; raju met at morning; read dailies;gave him a peg at compound; poor intake of took toll at night; yet medication continued; some repair at home at morning disturbed;sridhar reddy choice failed; my choices also failed;after stint with chalapathi missed tongue with auto guy at HRC;
slept at HRC and for the first time with lungie to field Chalapathi found me anyway;
seen S N murhty met; one good dress old man at entrance met;
worst night sleep;night spoon feeding by GTA;very late food problem;poor night sleep;sridhar called at night too;

20th aug;
lost temper at GTa after asking insulin;
panik of cheque missing got it cleared; cleaned desk kept it in purse; 2 dailies scanned;heavy weakness noted;NRN called at morning;
( GTA ph chat(Ratna who
 is it)joundice;heavy weakness at morning;mosambi girl;prasad(vja) call recd; NRN called;many pending pics loaded;

somwehere in vijayawada

somewhere in viujayawada


swarna palace vijayawada


best price guntur


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