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Pooja Bhatt has made a bold, even commendable move by casting Sunny Leone to the lead role of her movie, only that the move turned out to be a mistake. But Randeep Hooda gets a good exposure through the movie, a hopefully the actor would eventually make his way to the top in the film industry. As for Jism 2, the film has already raked in profits at the box office, but Pooja Bhatt needs to try harder if she is to be considered as a serious director.

 Through Jism 2, Pooja Bhatt has tried to convey a meaningful love story, set in the back drop of national security, and involving a lot of physical intimacy. While Sunny Loene, one of the best known porn stars in the globe, was the perfect choice to gain the initial beat, it turns out to be a mistake when it comes to acting part of her character. What makes it worse for Jism 2 is that 'Izna', the porn-star character enacted by Sunny Leone, carried a lot of depth in it and needed someone more versatile to do justice to the role.

 Jism 2 has a total cast of four people. Randeep hooda as 'Kabir', plays the ruthless killer with a wounded soul, while Arunoday Singh as 'Ayan Thakur', completes the third point of the love triangle. Then there is Arif Zakaria, who plays chief to Ayan Thakur. Made in a low budget, with most of the film taking place indoors, Jism 2 manages to do more than being an average erotic movie through its music and songs. Arko Parvo Mukherjee and Mithoon has done their part to present Jism 2 with the authenticity of an intense love story, even as the central character of Izna fails to find the right kind of emotion on her face. While the music has done the job behind the screen for Jism 2, on the screen it was the masterful performance of Randeep Hooda as 'Kabir', the ex-communicated soldier, who has now turned terrorist. Even as the movie promo is all about Sunny Leone and not any one else, in the actual movie, it all Randeep Hooda, as Sunny Leone pretty much gets limited to her long legs and low necked tops.

The story and screen play of the movie is by Mahesh Bhatt, and so it is only natural for the story to contain traces of the sources that played part to provide inspiration for the creation of Jism 2. The thread of the movie has more than a passing similarity with the Emraan Hasmi starrer 'Gangster', especially with the characters of 'Kabir' and 'Izna'. The screenplay fails to give present a proper background to the characters, and there is no evolvement in them either as the story progresses.

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