Thursday, August 02, 2012

2nd aug

This old man is beggar but very skilful in word modulation

many people live in hyderabad by selling vegitables on roads with small tool like this cart

days beggars smart one;at last GTA wished;2 success stories at field;adalwin failed;
One DD hope; 2 more stickers kept at lift;pics loaded; gta left;cell no forgotten; Leg pains further triggered;
Night Gta returned at mid night had some trouble but later she recovered; few steps to be taken care now;

2nd aug

raju met at morning gave offer to him to meet later; his mamas sons story;
BJP office hyd

BJP office hyd

Haleem at king kothi

1st july

this fruit seems to be available  throught the year; asif;

Another day work with NRN;small success story few more commitments also got;few more pics
from work had;Lost temper at some tea shop guy;one rejection and and poor response had;
double indulgence day;Paid to dust bin guy;


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