Sunday, July 29, 2012

29th july sunday

This picture of banana bandi took from near by the place i live

look at this guy makes living by selling ground nuts and Phalli-batani near green building this is how many poor people live in hyderabad

Quickly scanned 2 dailies;arranged chicken etc; recd chalapathis call;posted yesterdays blog leg pains increased;Chat with kamalakar;seenaiahs call recd; frequent calls to gta;
Organised blog pics further;attended RX missed lunch;great performance by An aquired taste; Night chalapathi and krishnaiah called;

28th july olympics show at night

Over night seen olympics opening cerimony;Ok morning work with NRN fetched he left saying will for Nellore i need to plan for  1 st week;The potenciality of lifts noted for stickering;5 th floor of green building noted; days tips were successful;still new points;Gave Narsing rao money;Arranged 3 kg Onion to home;

Success with wind stream ; anonymous missed for the day but tipped to chalapathi;sridhar reddy also called in the morning gave him tips; pedigreequery blocked;

This pic took from a office this is near rtc x roads hyderabad on the way to indiara park road;

Night at home seen olympic games rejected children when they tried to enter this was quite unexpected one;Seen shravani & family playing up;reddemma came to galli but went without wishing some thing triggered here;Double indulgence couldnt be stopped;watched cricket ; 160 new pics added to my blog in july alone;


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