Thursday, July 26, 2012

26th july post;

This guy with shanku on vara laxmi pooja day

Neibour RK said about scooter purchase  it made me insecure?;Rx card seen one selection at Pune finally it prooved a costly failure but new point had anyway;arguments at home abt my drinks;2 more new pics added for the day later 3 more added;left over pics of yesterday posted but NET is dangerously slow;NRN called
Work with him  fetched some results  ; broom stick lady pic ;buiscuit guys pic; generic drugs  discussion with gta at home; in morning tried to check statements from SBI but no person there;new managers seat seen; way back took few more pics from the road;

2 more commitments had from field work with NRN;vegitables purchased for home at snehas garnd dad; Lot of arrangements at home for festival GTA seen her in weak condition; with NRN to  old office few leaflets stickers rythu bhoomi calender  SRO calender took helped  NRN with bag; ONe pic took from Office; purchased banana at night;

@ RX 500 ^10 can be huge income; long chat with seenaiah told categorically; chalapathis call recd;
Spam attack deleted finally successfully at night;

New door curtain at home with mala and mango leaves decoration

On chat with Seenaih noted death of chaitanya prabha owners death;days id is sanzyme;

tolet-narayana guda rentals narayanaguda hyderabad

tolet-narayana guda rentals narayanaguda hyderabad


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