Saturday, July 21, 2012

21st july saturday s post

1.Arranged milk,purchased 2.Insulin updated yesterdays blog and also 3.updated expenses statement;
day planned 4.received NRNs call; 5.posted pending pics;this is how the day is developing;6.seen odds;
heavy 7.flow of  water in Nala seen but camera pic was not Ok so deleted it;

8.Paid Land phone bill;9.cacellation of railway ticket did(so theres surplus money on hand;; 10.Water arranged at home;11.RIM recharge did;
Some arguments at home have emerged;Camera failed again needs quick repair;??? enquired great weekly; Power cut was not there so work progressed on net;
days ids;loreaflorist;goodsonweb;merimaggi. 1401.batteryhelpline;
12.3 more new ids into fold; 13.called Chalapathi;  sir;

  13.Heavy pain the ribs region is quite annoying no body to help me;
14.RX read about ITSL(inthe spot light;
15.Neibour girl came played with land phone gave her chocolate failed to take pic;(Unexpected one)
16.called chengaiah Worst handling of phone by him; Call from mama and sunitha recd; Gtas dynamic  interaction noted;
(yesterday sankyo called me)
chalapathi said Rama chandra called; Rajnigandha guy at HRC asked his name;
From this moment situation began to change; Called Nrn he dint  turn up;late to HRC missed one good bet;Chalapathi came very late he too missed bet; 4 of my attempts have failed  and thus the depression; Chalapathi gave some cash for next day; New points for the day are Failed favrites; Rina came to home; Some time spent at HRC for next days preparation will it help me to be seen;Lot of weight on hand it must help;

20th july

Very successful day;recd check from NCC later developments seen with NRN known;2 more success stories at field work; Night met chalapathi and exchanged views;to take over fully nice chance again for sunday;interacted with Driver asraf; had to suffer long wait in car;

ncc company
NCC building near durgamma cheruvu madhapur

This pic is on the way to banjara Hills road no 1

Failure at challa with nrn;brought Ginger pickle to home;missed lunch;GTa sisters pic seen;


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