Monday, July 16, 2012

tom plan;

drug officer;call subbarao;get stickers;cheng;
call syam;

Camera cells have failed;Gta sleep irritation; One pic took;cell getting switched off;
days ids;kmfnandini,placeatthetop,hairsure,vasustore,

16th july post

NEar Golkonda sro

Golkonda SRO

N( is it running ??
Surprise call from NRN; as per plan took pics of galli and near by areas; retrived few more pics and posted them;Madhu joined to field work;long wait at n9 dint fetch;Chalapathi s call recd;One success story and GHMC  guy gave another date; Morning astrologer also called and his expectation noted;
Sneha was seen in good dress and seen wishing tall guy; Night tention due to nebours fightings; dhana called;
drinks managed from near by place;madhus email; cell; 9490322264,

hotels in kanipakam

SRI SAI DURGA KALYANA MADAPAM.KANIPAKAM.CHITTOR.08573-261706,94403-33229,94459-91980


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