Tuesday, July 10, 2012


work with NRN;(ac; that guy Sunil kumar; cto)
save pics;
Digital cam design of pics for m;
sticker design ;
Computer repair work;
Narsimhas email work;

10th july post

Morning at home net was dangerously slow; Suguna joined back duty; Lot of uneasy and tention at morning; got up very late;Evening Satish  and sastry met took his pic and had discussion; call from Govind rao received;Work with NRN continued but stoped obruptly;Evening shopping with Gta did;Nrns help and suggestion had at field work; Satish feedback of govind rao had;
                                                          sadgun net cafe gandhi nagar

                                                                   Sastry and stish my friends

Twwetd k;Insulin and tablets purchased;Useful information had from SRO redhills; Morning connie mail recd;evening Mrali mail recd;

9th july post anjaneya statue,ghmc names,ghms rules

Foul crys in neibours house disturbed me at night owners support was immence; Met Raju  at night had long chat; Also met Syam and his gang;tried Excise officials; Long  discussion with NRN at chikkadpally centre;Call from from Sankyo and Chalapathi;

Hanuman jee statue near my galli Narayanaguda

Municipality citizen charter 

Municipality citizen charter 
Good result in the field work also got commitment;


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