Sunday, July 08, 2012

owner connections;

1.MAM ; c.rajendra;d k ashish; srikanth;
2.Mallys TRevor
3.D,kahiatan Neeraj; C alford;
4.Arjun Sanjani; P S chouhan;
5.poonawallas; sandesh;
6.Vikram singh;Nirmal singh; Suraj;
7.j appo dwyer;
8.m hyder ali khan Imaran Khan;
10 d Byramji R marshal ruia; neeraj
12.pratap c reddy Sandesh
13.deccan Sandesh
14.deshmukh; imran;
15.d souza;amit caddy;
16. prakash;shrkes;
18;F Dasilva ;Dhariwal;

8th july sunday post

*Fish arranged at home at morning also seen huge fish at shop; Rinas birth day she and her sister came came;Again new point at Rx; Suraj Torolocco suraj Icelander; Owners connections always  prove dangerous; Chalapthis shied away to tell results; Success with In the spot light loss tip ; astrologer called  for results and selections and  for J.P; No Oil at home to fry cheicken  at night and insecurity?;
Over action Of NRNs friend at Janatha Bar?
Positive feedback from Chalapathsi sir for catching a loser; barely missed J P Nrns confidence gained anyway; Furher need to track down single winner in a race;

Stongest owners connections to identify from now;

this guy brings groceries to my home

7th july saturday post


Heavy shout at morning before reading news paper;Morning raju met and told about Death news of "Laddu" old child hood friend; Gandhi and NRN came home had Tea; Success of 3 choices at Rx today; Some poweders and chutney wasted at tiffen;
At Rx new points; Track work seriousness;suraj; Old tie ups of Ratham story ex;J.S.Dhariwal. Pure elation again new point;Call recd from astrologer; After noon lunch missed night dose of Insulin also missed;
One commitment at field work got for monday;Chalapathis feeb back continued;Gandhis non cooperation continued;Richas birthday came on sunday;


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